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The Two-Bedroom Suite

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Right now I'm sitting at a hotel near the Albuquerque airport, waiting to wake up at 4 AM to catch my flight back to Boise. It's been three sun-burnt days in New Mexico with my mom and grandma, spent riding in the affectionately named "kidnapper van", volunteering at a BBQ cookoff and wandering around the stucco streets of Santa Fe. I'll fill you guys in on everything later.

The crowning moment of this mini-vacation has been, by far, this hotel room. It's the biggest I've ever stayed in. Not surprising, considering most all the hotel rooms I've ever stayed in have been mostly State Department sponsored and I'm sure that in DC they're not too keen on putting up their teenagers in the most luxurious suites.

Anyway. Let me take you on the grand tour. No, there isn't much point to this blog post other than me geeking out about how EXCITED I am about this room.

The view from the door

The kitchenette...

With our own dishware and everything!

A toaster, too. But no bread or bagels or anything delicious to toast.

A very homey bathroom...

And two - count em! - bedrooms 

View from one of the bedroom doors. There's a pullout couch and TV and everything. I feel right at home.

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