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A rather damp afternoon

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Keeping with the theme of rain: a few days ago I was walking through the neighbourhood near Avery's house, trying to get to her house because we had plans to teach some street children that afternoon. This being the dry season, I had supposed that an umbrella/jacket/etc would not be necessary for this journey, but alas. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

View from the back of a bemo

I was taking a picture of some men and their becaks from across the road when this guy noticed me and literally danced across the flooded street to come talk to me. The one with the red umbrella came over too and we had a nice chat while the guy in the green kept dancing for me. 

Red umbrella guy! Emang kereeeen.

Eyyyy mas aku suka kebabmu ;)

The water was deeper than this at most points - at least mid-calf.

Playing pictionary. The word is 'turtle'. One of the kids drew this...

About this morning

Today marks two weeks, more or less, until I board a plane to return home, from my home. It's the last Monday I'll ever spend in my classroom, my last groggy morning spent dozing and blogging while my classmates study (or eat or shout to each other in Javanese). Next week we'll be shuffled into some other classroom in the school, where everyone will take their final tests for two hours and then go directly home.

So today is my last painful Monday morning, and one of my last opportunities to forgo my usual pick-up car method of getting to school and take bemo instead. If I didn't have to walk so far to get to the usual stop, I'd take bemo every day - there's always someone new to meet and something new to see. You can never quite call your life monotonous when you take gutted-out vans to school every day.

At 5.34 AM sharp I stepped out of my house and walked maybe all of three minutes before it started pouring rain. My jackets are all currently M.I.A, too - because Indonesia is not a country where the weather is just dry or your stuff just stays where you put it. Therefore I went bareheaded and got soaked, but nonetheless, I had a lovely walk in the blue-grey morning, ducking under palm trees and enjoying myself in that early hour where my presence is barely a blip on the radar of still-sleepy Indonesians.

When I got to my stop, the normally treacherous street was empty and blotted with rain, streetlights and the occasional motorbike the only thing streaking its surface. I still had about a ten-minute wait for the first bemo of the morning.

Question: what can you do when you're bored, waiting for your bus, while sitting in thick rainforest foliage by the side of the road in Indonesia?

Answer: you take a selfie. Because you're Indonesian now, right?

The Story of How I Became a Woman While Riding a Bemo

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Avery: "Hey Sara, you're gonna come help me teach tomorrow, right?"

Me: "Yeah, if you take me to Pizza Hut afterwards."

Avery: "Sure, if you pay!"

*We both laugh really hard*

The moral of the story is that we both genuinely laughed at the very typical adult joke.


This is Flo.

I bought her after dropping my old phone off the back of a motorcycle; said phone was purchased after my first phone took a bath and subsequently could not be revived. Not even rice could save the poor thing, and then I just knew to give up hope.

You could say that Flo is a bit simple. She's got all of two wallpapers, one game, no camera, and a surprising plethora of ringtones, the titles of which range from 'Pathetique' to 'Watercolor Painting'. Using her to text means producing a symphony of clicks, reminiscent of the time when I still had one of those hot-pink flip phones. IE, around 2006.

But, Flo works well, and bought brand-new at the handphone mall she was all of $17. I guess I could make this blog post into a lesson on simplicity or something, but really I just wanted to let everyone know about my new dear friend. She might be lacking in a lot of things, but she certainly isn't lacking in love!*

*Read this one in a painfully ironic voice

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