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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This is Flo.

I bought her after dropping my old phone off the back of a motorcycle; said phone was purchased after my first phone took a bath and subsequently could not be revived. Not even rice could save the poor thing, and then I just knew to give up hope.

You could say that Flo is a bit simple. She's got all of two wallpapers, one game, no camera, and a surprising plethora of ringtones, the titles of which range from 'Pathetique' to 'Watercolor Painting'. Using her to text means producing a symphony of clicks, reminiscent of the time when I still had one of those hot-pink flip phones. IE, around 2006.

But, Flo works well, and bought brand-new at the handphone mall she was all of $17. I guess I could make this blog post into a lesson on simplicity or something, but really I just wanted to let everyone know about my new dear friend. She might be lacking in a lot of things, but she certainly isn't lacking in love!*

*Read this one in a painfully ironic voice

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