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Idaho Requiem

Monday, September 10, 2012

Out here, we don't talk about culture,
we think we are. We nurtured Ezra Pound
who ran from us like hell
and never came back. You
never came at all. You
will never know how clever
we never are out here.
You never drank red beer.
You never popped a grouse
under a blue spruce just because it was there.

Tell us about Schopenhauer and your friends
and fine old family. We left ours
at the Mississippi, have no names left
to drop. We spend our time
avoiding Californians and waiting
for the sage to bloom, and when it does
we miss the damn things half the time.
When a stranger comes in we smile
and say, "Tell us about yourself."
Then we listen real close.

But you would say, "I've said what I have to say."
Too subtle, perhaps, for a can of beer,
too Augustan for the Snake River breaks.
But how do you know this wasn't just
the place to die? Why not have those
kinfolk ship your bones out here, just
for irony's sake? We keep things plain
and clear because of the mountains.
Our mythology comes down to a logger
stirring his coffee with his thumb.

— Ron McFarland

(Because I love poetry, and I love Idaho, and this is a good combination of the two.) 

The Western Idaho Fair: A Step-by-Step Guide

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Step 1: Acquire friends.

Hopefully they will be as classy as the friends I've got here.

Step 2: Drive an ungodly distance to the fairgrounds. Have mini-adventures in the car.

Step 3: Check out the copious amounts of food available. Have an enormously difficult time deciding what to get.

No, I don't know what a tater pig is either.
End up getting loaded fries and lemonade, among other things.

Step 4: Check out vendors and a show of photography/art inside. 

Step 5: Check out some cool animals.

Tis a pigeon

Step 6: Become a potato.

Step 7: Fulfill your ultimate purpose and eat disgustingly bad-for-you junk food. Go home and sleep in sugared-out bliss.

Fried cookie dough
Cotton candy - basically spun sugar. 
Mini doughnuts... these are the highlight of my existence.

Basically I made this wonderful guide to show you guys what fairs are like up here in Boise. For those not familiar with this awesome American tradition, a fair is basically like a week-long event where usually scary, empty lots in the middle of nowhere are set up with food stands, agriculture/livestock shows, vendor areas, contests with local artists, and of course a big carnival with lots of rides.

It's a summer tradition to have one every year and I'm pretty sure they're common all around the USA. Personally, going to the fair was the highlight of my summer and allowed me to spend some time with my friends before they went off to school.

Now, I'm just waiting around at home all day, preparing to leave for Indonesia. Although my departure is only two short weeks away, there's a lot to get done. I still haven't applied for my visa, so hopefully it'll come on time - we're still waiting for a letter from AFS so I can send my packet off to San Francisco. I also need to pack, do some last-minute shopping, see everyone, learn more Indonesian, decide where I want to go for my last dinner with my family... It's crazy! But at the same time it feels like there's nothing for me to do.

I'll keep you guys updated. Until next time!

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