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A rather damp afternoon

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Keeping with the theme of rain: a few days ago I was walking through the neighbourhood near Avery's house, trying to get to her house because we had plans to teach some street children that afternoon. This being the dry season, I had supposed that an umbrella/jacket/etc would not be necessary for this journey, but alas. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

View from the back of a bemo

I was taking a picture of some men and their becaks from across the road when this guy noticed me and literally danced across the flooded street to come talk to me. The one with the red umbrella came over too and we had a nice chat while the guy in the green kept dancing for me. 

Red umbrella guy! Emang kereeeen.

Eyyyy mas aku suka kebabmu ;)

The water was deeper than this at most points - at least mid-calf.

Playing pictionary. The word is 'turtle'. One of the kids drew this...

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