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Senior year???

Friday, September 20, 2013

Currently I, and everyone I know, am/are busy applying to college. It's like applying for YES Abroad all over again: I have a notebook full of information and a brain full to busting. It's crazy. It's scary. And the way my senior year is going now, even my state school will be loathe to take me in. Cue the sad tears now.

If anyone is curious, though, as of RIGHT NOW THIS VERY MOMENT (September 9th 2013, 4.43 PM MTN) I'm applying to Boise State, George Mason, American, Oregon State, University of Oregon, Western Washington, and quite possibly an American university in Bulgaria... This is all guaranteed to change, though. 

Wake me up when college app season is over. I'll be over there, enjoying my pirated shows and denying that I actually have responsibilities.  

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  1. Oooooh go to Oregon! It's beautiful, I would know, I lived there for 16 years...



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