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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just a quick update before I write an actual post (and I do have a lot to write about): our departure got pushed back!! We have to wait to receive a letter of invitation from AFS-Indonesia, and the government over there has changed some processes meaning we'll be leaving on September 21st.... and not the 5th.

So, basically there's really 37 days left when it used to be 21. This is such a big bummer, I was so ready to leave. Well, not exactly ready, but when you've been told since April that you'll leave on a specific date, it gets ingrained, you know? Also, my 'goodbye' party is this Saturday, meaning it's well over a month in advance of my actual departure now. Sort of funny, in a crazy way.

But, looking on the bright side: this gives me more time to study my bahasa Indonesia! Which is something I've kind of slacked off on. I also want to start swimming and of course see a little more of my friends... and stuff in a blog post or two. Maybe. You never know. I'm full of surprises!!

Well, until that next post, I'm off to finish some work for my online classes :)

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