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1561 views.... whaaaaat?!

Friday, August 31, 2012

That's right, my humble little blog has reached 1500+ views. Although I'm pretty sure each hit counts rather than each individual viewer, that's insane and I'm so happy!! I really hope to have a blog that grows to be popular and successful so I can share Indonesia and YES Abroad with as many people as possible.

Unfortunately this will not be an epic or thoughtful or athlete-filled post, because all my thoughts are jumbled and I have too many vague ideas for posts, and not enough solid ones. I do have a list of posts I plan on making, and they include:

  • The joys of American high school
  • Cabin Fever: The Saga (possibly in pictures and/or doodles)
  • More information on my host city/family!!
  • The evolving face of American families and how they can be sorta messed up but end up pretty cool anyway
  • My going away party/what I've been up to as summer ends
  • More information about Indonesia
  • Sara's Storytime in Bahasa Indonesia 
  • The books I'll be packing, and what they mean to me
  • I Think Studying World Religions Is Pretty Cool, And This Is Why You Should Too
  • America's love affair with fairs 
And that's all. I think I just came up with half of those right now. So we'll see if they ever actually come to fruition. They probably will, because I have way too much time on my hands. 

To tide my lovely readers over in the meantime, here's a couple pictures of my one-year-old brother, AKA the coolest guy I have ever met.

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