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Friday, July 27, 2012

What's one awesome perk of going abroad?

The SHOTS, of course!

You get to sit in waiting rooms feeling sick to your stomach, and then when you get into the doctor's office you spend another 10 minutes talking about where you're going, the entire time feeling like you're about to puke.

Why? Because you're about to get three shots in a row, two of which are said to be the type that make you feel like you've just been punched in the arm by the angry fist of God.

Over-dramatic 2nd-person storytelling aside, I've been up to a lot recently! Of course I really did have to get vaccinated against typhoid, hepatitis A, meningitis, and tetanus/diptheria/pertussis. Thankfully, the typhoid vaccine was in pill form, I just had to take them every other day.

As for the others, I had to get them all in one doctor visit and I'll just say that I got them about four days ago, and the arm I'm holding up in the photo (which got Hep. A and T/D/P) STILL hurts! So that's not very fun at all. At least shots are less painful than getting the diseases themselves, or so I'm told...

Anyway, I've finally received my visa information. There's looooots of work to be done, including writing a curriculum vitae for myself which I've never done before, getting a letter from the local police department, and of course... waiting!! I have to get my host family before I get to send my forms in to the Indonesian consulate so hopefully I'll be getting it really soon.

Just 40 days until I'm off to NYC, then Jakarta! That thought is so nerve-wracking but it's also so exciting. Honestly, my exchange year seems like a far off dream, especially with lots of other people already being in their countries or leaving fairly soon. But I know that the waiting will be worth it.

Or, hopefully it'll be worth it. Can't jinx things, right?

I'm also SUPER psyched for the Olympics. The opening ceremony is TOMORROW! I'll be cheering for the USA, and for my future host country as well. The opening ceremonies will be interesting to watch, I can't wait to see what Britain does in response to that insane ceremony in Beijing four years ago. Of course, I'll be glued to soccer, gymnastics, track and field, swimming, and table tennis. Watching all these amazing athletes in action makes me wish I had chosen to do something like that when I was younger! But then I realize that the path I took led me to YES Abroad, and you know what, I am juuuust fine with that.

Well, I need to get to work on my online classes, which have sucked so much time out of my summer already. Until next time, selamat tidur (good night) readers!

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