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WJMC Day 1 & 2

Monday, July 8, 2013

So as I continue on this awkward thank you post-less streak, I'd like to inform my very very lovely established leaders that I am currently participating in a conference centered around one of my greatest passions, journalism. The name is Washington Journalism and Media Conference but I'm gonna refer to it as WJMC from now on, so remember that!

Day one involved waking up at 4 AM to go to the airport (something I am already very used to), flying from Salt Lake City, through Minneapolis, and finally to Washington, DC. Since then it's been a flurry of activity, ranging from walking awed through the Newseum here in DC, to making a presentation about the 1st Amendment, to seeing CNN Anchor Candy Crawford and insanely famous photographer Neil Leifer.

In the next few days we're going to visit the National Press Association, hear Hoda Kotb, have a moonlight monument tour, and SO much more. Our days have been insanely packed and half of our conversations walking between events involves complaints of how tired/hungry we are. Take 245-some teenagers who are used to sleeping in and grazing between meals, and put them through a rigorous schedule, and there's bound to be some chafing here and there.

Overall however, I am extremely excited to be here participating in the conference and I've already been inspired to start thinking more about journalism, photojournalism in particular, as a real career path for me. And it's only been a couple of days.

Until tomorrow (or the next day, if I'm as exhausted tomorrow as I am right now)! Enjoy a few pictures.

WTC antenna and newspapers with headlines after the tragedy

Car where a journalist was assassinated; dynamite was placed underneath and exploded as he started his car. Crazy stuff.

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