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To all of those with the November blues

Friday, November 1, 2013

I had this post all planned out in my head. I was going to write my heart out, make fancy allusions to the struggles I had while abroad, and most of all pump encouragement into all current and future exchange students. It's that magical time of year, as we head into the holiday season, when even the most hardy exchangers are beginning to slump.

Then I sat down to write said post, and all I could think was Jesus Crispies, not this s#!t again. If I have to write one more motivational post, (basically regurgitating things that have been said thousands of times,) I will barf all over everything. 

The logic here goes something like, 'if I don't want to write it, then nobody in the world could ever want to read it.'

So instead of rambling on and on, here's something so much better. Amy Poehler is my newest personal hero, and the heroine of my current drug of choice: Parks and Recreation, the show about a dysfunctional local government in the charming town of Pawnee, Indiana.

I saw this gifset while on Tumblr and it just so happens that every single one bears relevance to exchange. And life. I might have been a little misty-eyed while reading them, because who doesn't want Amy Poehler being their own personal cheerleader in life? Besides, so many of these are things I've needed to hear. I hope they help some of you, too.


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