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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Avery and I have been hanging out a lot lately, all around Surabaya. We've both started to take more public transportation now that we know the language and the culture enough not to be complete bumbling bules.

I can take angkot (public van) to and from school alone and plan on learning how to get all around Surabaya with it before I leave. It's one of my major goals for the rest of the time I have here - before I came I always pictured myself as an awesome, strong, independent woman who could hop onto a sketchy bus and get herself anywhere in the city... and I just can't disappoint my outbound self.

Riding angkot isn't particularly comfortable, but it's pretty dependable, dirt cheap, and good for some interesting experiences. I've met plenty of people and already gotten totally lost once. I plan to get lost again, if only for the sake of learning each angkot's route. Because apparently the only way to learn that is by word of mouth; no maps of the city with each one's routes helpfully highlighted exists. One's gotta rely on one's friends and family who might know in learning how to get around.

Anyway, without much further ado, have some awesome pictures from when Avery and I had some walks (jalan-jalan) around Surabaya. Our schedules are starting to get more and more jam-packed as the year progresses... it's been five months already, just four more until we go home in June. Crazy how the time flies.

The view from the observation tower at Masjid Al-Akbar,
the largest mosque in East Java and second largest in SE Asia

The Indonesian equivalent of girl scouts!

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