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In-Home Interviews... done!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

So instead of editing my newspaper articles like a good student, I've decided to write a little bit about my in-home interviews, which I had today!

As I have mentioned once or twice, I'm going to Indonesia next year - the program for Indonesia is implemented by AFS, which means even we YES Abroad students participate in in-home interviews! Basically they're to get more information about you so they can place you in the host family that will fit you best.

It was an interesting experience. My interviewers, my mom and I sat in our living room and they asked us a lot of questions about our home life, my hobbies, and my personality. It was a little nerve-wracking, making sure I worded everything just right!

The interview lasted an hour and it was pretty low-key. If I had any tips to offer future outbounds, about this and all other interviews, it'd be to just reeeelax, and prepare to laugh a lot and make light jokes and stuff. My mom always tells me to put a positive spin on whatever I say but not to sugar-coat things so much as to seem just unrealistic, and that's good advice. Always have good posture, look your interviewer in the eye, and remember that they're there not to judge you, so much as to learn more about you. So get ready to talk a LOT about yourself!

Overall, I find interviews pretty fun. I've done 4 exchange-related ones so far if you don't count my group evaluations at the IPSE! So I'll be pretty well-prepared for even college and job interviews in the future.

Aaaand that reminds me! I've already started making the plans that will shape my summer. Along with going to DC June 26-29th for the YES Abroad Pre-departure Orientation, I'll be applying to work with a local group, developing teen programs and awareness for relationship abuse. How cool is that? Along with doing things with my friends and maybe even volunteering for a summer food program. I am so pumped for the school year to be over. Only 20 more school days and then I'll be FREE!

Anyway, I really need to get started now. So, until later!

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